The Quickflix application for Windows 8 allows users to instantly stream hundreds of blockbuster movies and TV shows, including the best from the BBC and ITV to their Windows 8 device. It also allows for on demand viewing of the latest new release movies.


We set out to create a simple, easy to use experience that allows the user easy access to movies and tv content. We wanted to make Quickflix the best app in its category in the region. We spent a lot of time reviewing existing media apps, comparing what worked and what didn't. We worked hard to ensure the Quickflix Windows 8 app was consistent with Quickflix's branding whilst also looking great as a native Windows 8 app.


We believe we have created a great experience for Quickflix subscribers, something that all Windows 8 users will be able to enjoy around Australasia. The Windows 8 app also includes a unique feature in being app to resume playback from where you left off, something that is of the time of writing not available on any of the other Quickflix apps.

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