Plunket Plus for Windows

PlunketPlus is an electronic health application designed to meet the needs of Plunket nurses across New Zealand. Designed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive and functional, Plunket Plus is the first app of its kind worldwide.

Plunket, along with Microsoft, invited Marker Metro to develop an initial demonstration of how the Windows 8 Metro system could be used for a mobile workforce at Plunket. The result of this prototype development is outlined below.

The application will make use of Windows 8 native features including search, contact integration, and semantic zoom to provide a fluid and highly usable interface for users. PlunketPlus will also rely on Windows 8 security and connectivity features to provide a robust store-and-forward mechanism to capture online and offline changes, while ensuring complete safety of private clinical data.


PlunketPlus takes a fresh approach to a typically data-centric healthcare application. We’ve brought the most important features to the fore, and applied innovative thinking to give users easy ways to complete common tasks.

  • The client timeline gives nurses and clients a single view of their history with Plunket.
  • Drag-and drop appointment planning allows nurses to easily schedule future appointments.
  • We use semantic zoom in multiple areas of the application: in appointment planning users can zoom out to a day-level view, with the timeline automatically zooming when it detects a drag-drop action. (see video)

The visual design of Plunket Plus is light and simple, adhering to the Windows 8 UI design guidelines, while also clearly representing Plunket’s own brand.

Designed for partially-connected scenarios, Plunket Plus includes a complete synchronisation solution, with the ability to store transactions for a later synchronisation if the application is offline.

Security is paramount in healthcare applications, so Plunket Plus makes use of Windows 8 features including multiple user accounts, BitLocker, and remote management to ensure that all application data remains secure, even if the device itself is lost or stolen.


We are focusing on a user-centric approach in the design of this application. Marker Metro staff talked with Plunket users to determine their most important tasks, and are using this information to build an information architecture that will make these tasks highly visible and easy to use.

The PlunketPlus application will use an existing back-end API provided by Intrahealth. To enable users to work when disconnected or out of coverage, a synchronisation queue will be built on top of Intrahealth’s API. The queuing system includes retry capability, and all queued data is stored securely, along with the core application data.

Plunket Plus is an excellent example of healthcare and enterprise applications on Windows 8. If you like it, we invite you to talk to us about your own requirements.

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