Plunket ePHR

The Client

Plunket is the largest provider of free support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five in New Zealand.

Plunket see more than 90% of the 62,000+ newborn babies in New Zealand each year. Offering parenting information and support as well as developmental assessments of children up to age 5 years, through home and clinic visits, mobile clinics and PlunketLine, a free telephone advice service for parents.

Plunket's other services also include car seat rental schemes, parent groups, parenting education courses, toy libraries, drop in centres, playgroups, and education in schools - most of which are available nationwide and free of charge.

Case Study - Plunket ePHR application

Marker Metro created a Windows 8 application for Plunket that benefited from the strong integration of Dynamics CRM, Azure Active Directory and SQL. Plunket's ability to serve New Zealand children has been revolutionised through functional, user friendly technology.
Microsoft - Partner Awards Winner 2015

The Challenge

Plunket has been providing community based child health care services for over 100 years. During that time Plunket's model of care has evolved, but they have retained a paper based system. To enable Plunket to continue to provide the level of service they are renowned for, they needed to move away from a paper based system to an integrated and interactive electronic one.

The solution for Plunket needed to;

  • Increase workforce efficiencies for a mobile workforce, making it easier for Care Delivery Staff to access client information and health records.
  • Replace paper records and diaries.
  • Increase data quality while still catering for documenting the 'out of the ordinary'.
  • Real time reporting to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Increase compliance and streamline auditing processes
  • Work online and offline
In terms of being able to be more responsive to the needs of our customers, there's certain things about working electronically which are going to help us.
- Andrea McLeod Chief Operating Officer, Plunket.


The driving principles for this project revolved around taking a proven paper based workflow used for capturing child client health records and information and creating a digital version, so we focused tightly on the artful meshing of user experience and functionality.


Simple is always better, so the designs for the Plunket ePHR app absorbed the look and feel of the Plunket brand, then refined and extended it to carry through a clean visual experience. Within the Windows environment, the design allows for richer content like adding a photo of the child or their caregiver to really shine through and create a visual personality all its own.

Since Plunket is so iconic in New Zealand, our designs focused on clean, attractive typography, and the fluid feel of touch and gesture while navigating through the application. We chose typography and styling to accentuate the content without getting in the way.


For the past 100 years Plunket has been a very innovative leader in the provision of Well Child services for NZ children, families and communities. Taking a leaf out of founder, Sir Frederic Truby King's book, Plunket is leading innovation in healthcare, by being the first public health services provider in New Zealand to utilize Azure services, hosting its data off-shore and repatriated every 24 hours.

The custom built Windows 8.1 application authenticates with Azure Active Directory allows scenarios such as Single Sign On. The application then communicates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online through the exposed WCF service and stores the data locally in a SQLite database.

Helping Plunket move from primarily paper based processes into the digital age. Plunket has a strong brand name and reputation in New Zealand, however it still has to remain relevant, and our technology vision will be a significant contributor to help Plunket remain relevant and a strong participant in the New Zealand community for years to come.
- Craig Le Quesne, General Manager ICT, Plunket

The Team

The teamwork made it all happen...

Building an app like this takes teamwork, especially when we have people collaborating in three companies - Marker Metro with the development of the custom app, Koorb Consulting with the development of the CRM and Plunket across the border programme of work feeding into the architecture as well as integrating back into Plunket's existing enterprise solutions and infrastructure.

We've been genuinely pleased with the relationship and felt that it's been collaborative. We've worked in partnership - it's been really positive.
- Andrea McLeod Chief Operating Officer, Plunket.

This was all coupled with workshops and sprint reviews with care delivery team members and clinical leaders from Plunket to provide continuous feedback as the application evolved from wireframes to app today.

The Take Away

Plunket is a unique service and the ePHR Well Child app is custom built to meet their specific needs, there isn't anything like it in the marketplace.

Care delivery staff can easily and efficiently work online and offline, giving them more time to care and support the child and families they work with every day.

Improvements in data quality and consistency as well as real time reporting enable Plunket to continue to refine and develop the services they offer.

The Plunket team are really pleased with the ePHR and feel that the application is quite intuitive from a clinical perspective. There's nice transition between the screens that make sense, the ability to be able to enter data easily while still be open to allow for something to be noted if needed. I think some of the functions in the app are really nice - for example you can take a photo of the baby and it displays on their clinical record and that's a personal touch which makes the ePHR unique, I guess in a way it's like the icing on the cake for a service like ours.
- Andrea McLeod Chief Operating Officer, Plunket.
I would recommend Marker Metro to other potential clients. The staff at Marker Metro, have all shown absolute commitment to helping Plunket achieve its goals. At times it has taken long hours and patience, but Marker have seen things through to the end.
- Craig Le Quesne, General Manager ICT, Plunket.
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