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The New Zealand Herald Windows and Windows Phone Apps give you the latest news and most important stories of the day – hand-picked by the editors. It allows you to truly immerse yourself in the latest news in a highly visual and engaging way, anywhere and anytime.

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This was our first Windows 8 app, and we were proud to partner with NZME on one of the first Windows 8 apps in the world. Our strategy was simple. Create a fast, fluid news-reading experience that focused on the user getting to the stories they were interested in, whilst immersing themselves in the rich media such as image galleries and super-fast video playback.

We spent a lot of time reviewing existing news apps, comparing what worked and what didn’t. We also studied the Metro Style App guidelines in much detail to ensure that our approach would be as consistent as possible with other launch apps and the underlying platform.


It’s not always easy working with pre-release software, and we did on occasion get a little bruised on the bleeding edge! Overall however, the development experience, like with Windows Phone, was familiar and relatively painless.


NZ Herald App wins industry accolade – crowned top for innovation in technology at Canon Media Awards 2013.

We believe we have created a great experience for New Zealand Herald readers, something that all Windows and Windows Phone users will be able to enjoy around New Zealand and beyond.

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