Musac Edge

More and more NZ schools are enjoying the benefits of edge. Launched last year, edge has been purpose built by teachers for teachers. It is packed with practical tools that enable teaching staff to track and record student achievement anytime, anywhere, on any device.


MUSAC is a Ministry of Education accredited vendor of school administration software, providing New Zealand schools with an extensive suite of applications for the administration of all school types. This includes administration and management of assessments, curriculum, attendance, students, staff, library resources, finances and assets. MUSAC software is especially renowned for its ability to provide management, administrators and teachers with information the way they need it.

The software has been developed in consultation with senior school managers and educators to deliver the flexibility required by schools to access the information they need, now.

Website Features Include:

  • Reporting capability ensuring relevant data for student, class or school, by gender, ethnicity or year level
  • One page student assessment summary
  • Refined tracking and filtering for high level analysis of assessment data
  • Over 25 New Zealand standardised assessments included straight out of the box - including PAT, e-asTTle, BURT, Jam, Probe 2, GloSS and STAR
  • Track a student's progress from year to year, and compare progress with other students by year, group, gender, ethnicity or class
  • National standards input, analysis and aggregated reporting, including OTJs and their related comments
  • Notation ability providing additional information to capture a moment in time.

The Windows 8.1 app comprises a subset of the site features in a native Windows app focused on the classroom teacher's needs to record marks and view results/reports for their class.

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