Carter Holt Harvey DesignIt

designIT is a software tool for all building practitioners to design houses and similar structures using engineered wood products, manufactured by CHH Woodproducts in correlation with other selected materials. Quick and simple to use, yet deceptively powerful software, designIT for Houses is useful for the selection of beam sizes without the need for engineering knowledge or the exercise of professional engineering judgment.

Marker Metro + Carter Holt Harvey

Our Xamarin for Mac solution enables our client to have a showcase Mac OS applicaiton for their sector leading software whilst also reducing the cost and risk associated with taking it to other platforms in the future.

Xamarin is a powerful cross platform engine that allows a large amount of code re-use in C# across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. As a Certified Xamarin Partner, Marker Metro encourages the use of such tools wherever possible to ensure best of breed native user experiences along with standardisation of business logic code and associated tests.

Marker Metro looks forward to continuing to develop designIT software for Carter Holt Harvey across other platforms and devices based on the strong foundation we have developed.

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