Marker Metro – Four Years On

Posted by: Keith Patton | 03 December 2015

Last month, Marker Metro turned 4. I posted a review of our third year last year.

This last year has been a massive year for Marker Metro. When we started we focussed purely on Windows Phone apps and carved out a really successful niche for ourselves as the “go to” company for premium digital experiences on Windows in general soon after.

We still love Windows and retain a deep set of technical and design experience in the Windows ecoysystem in general. However it’s fair to say that we live in a cross-platform world and we’re seeing massive demand from our clients for quality cross platform digital experiences.

Marker Metro is now proud to offer application and game services across all major mobile, desktop and TV platforms. We recommend and promote cross platform tools such as Xamarin and Unity to reduce initial and ongoing costs for our clients and ensure maximum return on investment whilst ensuring a premium experience for end users.

Clients such as Plunket, Carters Holt Harvey, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Disney Mobile are currently taking advantage of our capabilities to deliver the highest quality cross platform solutions. This year we have delivered major projects across Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Google Play, Google Chromecast, Android Wear, Android TV, Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick.

We have clients across New Zealand, Australia, UK and the US, with the team expanding to 25 during 2016. This has been our best year yet commercially and I’m so proud of how the team has adapted to all the new technologies, platforms and design challenges that come with cross platform exposure. If there is one word to sum up this year it would be versatility!

We have dramatically improved our internal processes to allow for more automation, ensuring builds can be run across all the major platforms simultaneously. This really helps keep our team focussed on doing great work.

A key area for Marker Metro in 2016 will be to continue to deliver the highest quality digital experiences across all major platforms. Whether that’s mobile, desktop, TV, wearables (or Cars, Fridges and Drones!) we’re experienced and ready for anything.

We are moving into more creative and original work for Disney Mobile so expect even more official crediting there as our strategic partnership deepens after our work on the Disney Life project. We’ll be releasing a Xamarin for Mac store app for a major client also and fingers crossed look forward to our first Windows 10/Xbox One Universal Windows App during the year also.

So here’s to the end of four amazing years. I’d like to thank all the staff at Marker Metro, old and new alike for their dedication and passion. It continues to be a joy to run Marker Metro and i can’t wait for next year and all the new and shiny that will bring!

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