Marker Metro Open Sources Unity Components for Windows Porting

Posted by: Keith Patton | 06 March 2015

We're pleased to announce that we have open sourced several key components of our Windows porting framework and plugins for Unity.

These components we hope will enable everyone to build for and port to Windows more easily (and if you still need help with these efforts you know where to come!).


  • A Unity Plugin for Windows used when porting existing code bases which have used Mono/.Net APIs not supported on Windows Runtime.


  • A Unity Plugin for Windows used to support implementations of Windows or Windows Phone platform specific functionality missing within Unity.
  • Includes Facebook, IAP, Local Notifications, Exception Logging and other helpful platform integration features.


  • A starter template for new porting projects, including helpful plugins, tools and scripts
  • An example game demonstrating some key platform integration features from our MarkerMetro.Unity.WinIntegration Plugin

The readmes on each project provide information and guidance on usage, and we look forward to getting your feedback and welcoming pull requests over the coming weeks and months.

Want to get started?

We would love to help with your next app or game, please do get in touch.