Build 2014 In Review

Posted by: Keith Patton | 05 April 2014

It’s been a fantastic Microsoft Build conference this year. Outside of all the new technology announcements (watch all the sessions here), there have been two great takeaways for me.

Firstly, Microsoft people appeared with what one can only describe as being genuinely unburdened. There was a great sense of freedom, of openness and it was great to see them relishing in this during the keynotes and sessions. Open sourcing, talking and encouraging cross platform, whilst still pumping that great developer focus. You could really sense developers felt they had been heard, users had been heard and that Microsoft were listening and making relatively rapid changes.

A great example of this was Scott Guthrie and Azure (see Day 2 keynote here), with a trailblazing set of 44 new features setting the gauntlet for the rest of Microsoft to listen, innovate and ship. They should just put this man in charge of delivering everything.

Secondly, our very own Nigel Sampson (Apps Lead at Marker Metro). As newly anointed as a Client Dev MVP, Nigel was announced in the Day 2 keynote as a founder of the .Net foundation ( which is a foundation supporting open source projects in the .Net community.

We’re really proud to support Nigel’s great community efforts particularly his lead contributor status of the Caliburn Micro project, a superb MVVM framework which we use across all out Xaml based apps. He recently pushed the Caliburn Micro 2.0 Beta and you can see the blog post on that announcement here.

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