Marker Metro - Two Years On

Posted by: Keith Patton | 06 December 2013

The second 12 months

Last month, Marker Metro turned 2. For the last 2 years, we’ve been doing nothing but building Windows apps and it’s been amazing.

I posted a review of our first year last year. This detailed where we came from, what we’re about and leads up to the introduction of Windows 8 as it was written around the launch late last year.

Where are we now?

We’ve grown from 4 to 12 full time staff, and have grown revenues over 300%, it has been an absolutely CRAZY FUN year (if a little hectic at times). I presented to the company today on all our achievements this year and couldn’t even fit all the projects we delivered on one page!

We’re working with clients from all over. US, Australia, UK and of course New Zealand. Some great new partnerships and projects delivered

But that’s just the work. When it’s done we eat cupcakes and we dissect the projects and we post up portfolio pages and send congratulatory emails to our clients and to our team.

But then it’s on to the next thing, so it’s important to remind ourselves amidst all the day to day pressures of being in a services environment why we are here.

Today getting individual feedback from the team I was struck by just how much FUN people were having being able to work on projects they never thought they would be able to work on full time, how the variation was exciting and how they were looking forward to future projects, stretching their skills across different technology sets, working with apps across completely different industries.

This is exactly why I started Marker Metro, to have fun building Windows Apps, so it’s just awesome to see and hear this reflected in the team’s feedback. So what I’m most proud of is helping build a team that can self motivate, that talks to each other, has direct, open communication and respect for each other’s talents. And it’s not me doing this as such, it’s simply allowing the team, the people, not the processes to dictate how we run projects and deliver great work.

It feels a little silly really talking about growth when we’re still “only” a 12 person team but it’s all relative and for Marker Metro, we’re at a size where we can deliver a HUGE amount of work without sacrificing our USP of world-class apps and games for Windows.

The future

I said this last year, and Marker Metro’s future is obviously tied to a successful, thriving Windows ecosystem. We’re encouraged by the breakthrough sales growth we’re seeing for Windows Phone across much of the world, and also look forward to a strong holiday season for Xbox and Windows 8.1 devices as Microsoft and hardware partners push these devices over the coming months.

Windows is growing share all over steadily and surely, and Marker Metro supports this by helping build out the ecoysystem with the apps and games people want most.

We will continue to offer original app building services, and also to help with porting games and apps from other platforms. This includes cross platform application and game development and extending our strong capabilities in Windows UX and design and native application development in particular.

We can build the most secure, enterprise level apps such as Commbank for Windows Phone 8 and we can make games shine on Windows platform such as Wheel of Fortune for Windows 8.

As for exciting new stuff, we’ll be working on an original app for release in 2014. I won’t say anything more about it right now, but we’re pretty excited about it, and it’s great to be able to have the opportunity to let the team work on an in house production alongside our services work, stay tuned!

Want to get started?

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