Windows Phone 7 - alphajax word game launch app

29 August 2010

AlphaJax - windows-phone 7 Word Game

AlphaJax is a word game you can play with your friends on your shiny new Windows Phone 7 mobile. All you need is a love of words and some interwebs!

AlphaJax is a launch application created by our Development Manager Keith Patton and is produced and launched in association with Marker. We’ve recently launched the AlphaJax website, with accompanying AlphaJax Facebook page and AlphaJax Twitter account.

If you are interested in helping to beta test AlphaJax or just want to get notified when we launch the app, please visit the website above and sign up to our pre launch mailing list. The final developer tools are available on September 16th (US) and you can download them from We’re anticipating launch of the marketplace in October and are keeping our fingers crossed for general availability of Windows Phone 7 mobiles in New Zealand not too long after that!

Neowin did a full Windows Phone 7 review including lots of juicy screen shots of AlphaJax on device.

Keith Patton did a 5 minute Tech Ed online interview explaining AlphaJax and also discussing Marker’s positioning as one of the leading Windows Phone 7 development partners in New Zealand.

Keith also did a deep dive Tech Ed session on building AlphaJax at Tech Ed New Zealand recently. This is quite techy in parts, but the first 15 minutes provides a good overview, with the last 5 minutes providing an on-device demo of the game in action.

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