Windows Phone 7 Beta Tools now available

13 July 2010

To get started, down­load the devel­oper tools from here:

If you have  been work­ing on a previ­ous build, make sure you read the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Migra­tion Guide here

Pluses: The emula­tor is much faster and more stable than the April CTP and there are various api improve­ments and consol­i­da­tion which will simplify development.

Minuses: There are still no Pivot or Panorama controls. Hubs, Photos, Contacts etc. are still locked down and not in the emula­tor by default. Also, I notice Drop­Shadow and Blur TextBlock effects have been removed from v1.

Push Notifications - If anyone can get this working using the guidance here please do let me know, we have been unable to get a ChannelUri back when creating the HttpNotificationChannel?

Over­all I would consider this build to be a pre beta in terms of feature completeness so proceed with caution. I doubt we’ll see the same level of churn as we’ve seen between April CTP and this first public beta, but there will be some neces­sary improvements and enhance­ments required, partic­u­larly around the missing features.

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